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"Michael Haward has looked after us since 1998.

He is that rare combination of a competent technical expert with great interpersonal skills. Michael has empathy and demonstrates his comfortable insight by providing totally appropriate hearing aids for our needs.

He always takes care to ensure that we are completely satisfied and understand how to get the best from the Widex hearing aids which we find superb."

P. & A. Graves

"Mr M.S. Haward has always given me good advice about hearing aids.

He has always attended to servicing or similar problems promptly.

I find him a pleasant person and I'm able to recommend him to anybody."


"In August 2006 I was recommended by a friend to get in touch with Michael Haward about obtaining a hearing aid .

Mr Haward came to see me here at home and thoroughly tested my hearing and made impressions of both my ears

Very quickly the hearing aids were made and I have been wearing them ever since.

I am very pleased with my Widex hearing aids and if I need help with them at any time, Mr Haward comes very quickly to advise. The service he and his wife give on Widex hearing aids gives one great confidence when dealing with such a new development in one's life."

D. Pentecost

"Michael Haward has been looking after my hearing for some twenty years and I can say that I have been very lucky that he has done so.

With the help of Anne, his wife who makes the necessary appointments very promptly, I do not recall any time when Michael has been late.

His knowledge and skill have made life much easier for me and I hope that he will continue to attend to my needs for along time to come."

M. Dessau

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