CAMISHA™ - the difference is precision
With the help of the Widex CAMISHA technology you can obtain the smallest possible hearing aid with maximum comfort. CAMISHA guarantees an individualised solution where the hearing aid shell, earmould or ear-piece is made to fit your ear precisely.

What is CAMISHA™?
CAMISHA is a sophisticated and revolutionary method of manufacturing individual hearing aid shells, earmoulds and ear-pieces. The first step in the process involves the taking of an accurate silicone impression of the ear. This ear impression is then scanned by a computer program and converted into a three-dimensional image. Skilled laboratory technicians use this image to model your earmould, shell or ear-piece so that it fits your ear canal precisely and in the required manner.

The computer data is then transferred to the manufacturing unit. Here, a powerful laser is used to build the shell, earmould or ear-piece layer by layer and with great precision. Each layer is 0.1 mm thick. The CAMISHA software provides you with:

The optimum cosmetic and functional design

More accurate fit and greater comfort

Precise positioning of the vent channel for optimum listening comfort

What can CAMISHA do for you?
A hearing aid shell or earmould manufactured by CAMISHA technology offers significant benefits to you and can help to make your everyday life with your hearing aids as comfortable as possible. Here are some of the ways in which CAMISHA is better:

Most users want their hearing aid to be as small as possible. CAMISHA manufactured shells are smaller and very discreet.

CAMISHA shells usually fit right from the start.

Amplification is optimised and the risk of feedback reduced.

CAMISHA shells fit the shape of the ear better. This allows optimum use of the electronics for increased benefit from the hearing aid.

An impression of your ear only needs to be taken once, as all data is stored in CAMISHA.

Higher shell quality.

Easy-clean surface.

The smoother finish and improved appearance are the perfect match for the cutting-edge technology and unique functionality of a Widex hearing aid.

What types of Widex hearing aids can benefit from CAMISHA™?
In-the-ear hearing aids – now with integrated faceplace. The entire shell is built by CAMISHA and only the battery cover and electronics require insertion. The result is a smaller, more stable and cosmetically appealing hearing aid.

Custom élan ear-pieces. Specially designed ear-pieces for the Widex élan open fitting series, to combine the acoustical and comfort benefits of an open fitting with a custom ear-piece. With Custom élan you can have a hearing aid that fits better in the ear and lets your own voice sound more natural.

Behind-the-ear earmoulds. Earmoulds for behind-the-ear instruments can now be made with CAMISHA technology, giving you all the advantages previously only available to those with in-the-ear instruments.