A hearing aid contains sophisticated and sensitive electronics.

It is therefore important to maintain and treat the hearing aid with care.

Daily cleaning and regular inspection prolong the life of the hearing aid and ensure that the instrument can make exact analyses and optimise sound reproduction.

Careful maintenance helps the user derive optimum benefit from the hearing aid.

Widex hearing aids are easy to operate and maintain
Maintaining your hearing aid
See how to maintain your hearing aid.
Cleaning the earmould
With the cleaning tools that come with the hearing aid it is easy to clean the earmould and the tube.
Advice on how to operate Widex hearing aids
Operating your hearing aid
Read about what to consider when using a hearing aid.
Changing the wax guard
Wax guard
Widex has developed a wax guard called CeruSTOP, which prevents ear wax from working its way into the in-the-ear hearing aid. See how to change the CeruSTOP wax guard.