Inteo with Integrated signal processing

The four central elements in the Inteo hearing aid are:

The Dynamic Integrator™
The full potential of Inteo’s integrated signal processing is guaranteed by the Dynamic Integrator, which is the central core in Inteo. The user’s individual needs and preferences are stored and integrated within this core and become the pivot of all decisions in the hearing aid.

High definition sound analysis
High definition sound analysis is a multidimensional analysis structure that provides detailed information about the user’s listening environments. This information is used by the Dynamic Integrator and forms the basis for Inteo’s sound processing.

High definition sound processing
This wide reaching system incorporates all of the sound processing schemes in Inteo – resulting in correctly tailored sound for the individual user.

High definition system optimiser
This unique system ensures optimum functionality for the individual user in all instances. It includes auto-surveillance of microphone matching, power consumption and any attached accessories.

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