Hearing Aids

Hearing loss – a very common phenomenon
There are more than 500 million people with a hearing loss worldwide. By the year 2015 the figure is estimated to be 700 million. The primary reason for this increase is that we are exposed to an increasing amount of noise from our surroundings.


Not just a problem associated with ageing
It is a prejudice that hearing loss only affects elderly people. 50% of all hearing impaired people are below the age of 65 years – and many of them are children or young people. Read more about how children, young people and adults typically experience living with a hearing loss and about the help available.

Adults and hearing loss
Here you can read about how to handle a hearing loss in adult life. Learn more about the physiological and psychological consequences of a hearing loss – the causes and treatment of hearing loss and how to handle the emotional consequences of having a hearing loss.
Did you know..
Hearing loss in children affects the child’s language and social development.
An increasing number of young people get tinnitus caused by daily exposure to noise.
Many elderly people have had a hearing loss for years before seeking help.