Hearing aid use

Hearing aids are no longer a stigma today. They are wonderful things that have been developed to greatly enhance your hearing and it will give you back a much better quality of life. People are often absolutely amazes at what they can hear once the hearing aid is fitted.


Technology has moved forwards a long way in the last decade alone and most of the time its barley noticeable that you are actually wearing a hearing aid. The range of shapes, sizes and colours has grown dramatically, bringing fashion into play when choosing a hearing aid.


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Advice on hearing aid use
The hearing aid should be turned off when not in use. Remove the battery if the hearing aid will not be used for a couple of days. Keep the battery in a cool, dry place and wipe off the hearing aid.

The hearing aid must not be exposed to high temperatures or humidity.

The hearing aid must be removed before the user showers or bathes.

The hearing aid must be removed before using a hair dryer, hair spray, or other sprays.

The hearing aid must not be worn during short-wave diathermy, x-ray, MR scans, CT scans, or similar radiation treatment.

First-time hearing aid user
As a first-time user there are some things that you have to get used to. Acquiring a hearing aid can be seen as a learning process. The user not only has to get accustomed to having something in the ear, but also to a quite new sound. Learn more about what it involves to be a first-time hearing aid user.
With proper care, a hearing aid will give the user years of reliable service. Read about how to clean and maintain one’s hearing aid.
To obtain full benefit of the hearing aid, it is important to use high quality batteries. Read about the advantages of using Widex batteries and how to change, store and test the batteries.