Easy Listening

Listening is made easier with the widex flash hearing aid series

The series is built upon the latest widex technology integrated signal processing.

This unique technology continously cnotrols and coordinates all functions in the hearing aid in accordance with changes in your listening environment

Flash hearing aids offer you valuable benefits not availble with any other hearing aid in this price segment

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  • Easy Sound

    • Widex is the industries leader in sound quality.

      With Flash, words come easy and you will experience the best sound quality in this price segment

      While hearing aids do not restore normal hearing, you can make the most of your hearing with siphisticated hearing aid technology available today.

  • Easy Use

    • Flash hearing aids are user-friendly and designed to make it easy for you.

      With flash you can have up to four listening programs to suit your specific individual listening needs

      The advanced technology in Flash ensures the sound is automatically optimised. You can also adjust the volume and choose between available programs

  • Easy Fit

    • Widex has developed a unique hearing aid fitting tool called the sensogram.

      The sensogram measures your hearing directly through the hearing instrument in your ear. This gives extremely precise information about your hearing and the acoustic properties of your ear canal.

      Using this information, Flash and other Widex instruments can be programmed to give you the market's best, indivually-tailored fit.

  • Easy Value

    • With the Flash series, you get the essential benefits of the latest technology combined with solid, proven Widex features.

      The result is a complete series of hearing instruments that are uncomplicated to use, easy to get used to and comfortable



○ Integrated Signal Processing
○ 5 Channels and 5 Bands
○ Speech Intensification System
○ Flash Locator
○ Sensogram

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