First-time hearing aid user

It takes time getting used to wearing hearing aids as well as to using them on a daily basis and hearing new sounds.

Here you will find the answers to a number of typical questions and links to encyclopedia entries which can facilitate the learning and adaptation process.

Among the things first-time users have to get used to are:
hearing many more sounds

having something in the ear

hearing the sound of one’s own voice and internal sounds such as swallowing

speaking at a suitable volume

Getting used to new sounds

A hearing aid makes more sounds audible to the user. It takes time getting used to hearing so many ‘new’ sounds again. Read more about how to make the learning process easier.
Read more about how proper maintenance will help prolong the life of your hearing aid.
Getting started

As a first-time hearing aid user it is important to get a good start. Here you can find advice on using hearing aids for the first time. Read more about how to adjust your hearing aid, how to get used to hearing new sounds, the perception of your own voice and having something in your ear.