The performance of digital hearing aids depends, to a large extent, on the quality of the batteries used.

To get the full benefit of one’s hearing aid it is important to use high-quality batteries.

The lifetime of a battery is influenced by the quality. With reliable batteries, you avoid periodic hearing aid failures or premature activation of the low battery alarm (i.e. beep-tones before the battery is exhausted).

With Widex batteries, you are sure to get a reliable, high performance quality battery.

A Widex battery offers you the following advantages:
Full performance
No problems with battery leakage
High and stable working voltage, so that both battery and hearing aid function optimally
Full benefit of all the advantages of modern digital technology
Quick start – the battery starts working as soon as the sealing label is removed
Unpacking batteries
Do not remove the sealing label until just before inserting the battery in the hearing aid.
Storing batteries
Be sure to keep batteries away from sparks, flames and strong heat.
Always keep batteries out of children’s reach to prevent swallowing.
Handling exhausted batteries
Always remove exhausted batteries from the hearing aid as they may otherwise leak and damage the hearing aid.
Batteries for RC3 remote control
The recommended battery type for your RC3-1 or RC3-2 remote control is: Lithium CR 2032.
Your RC3-1 or RC3-2 uses two CR 2032 batteries.
To obtain replacement batteries, please consult your hearing care professional. Please note the expiry date and the recommendations regarding disposal of used batteries on the battery pack. The battery life will depend on how much you use your remote control.