It is estimated that nine million people have some form of hearing problem in the UK but less than half actually do something about it.


Why join those people who are suffering in silence?


Our business was started with a clear philosophy in as much as we would endeavour to provide a personal and professional service with an unbiased choice of some of the latest technology in the market place.


Please take a few moments of your time to look through the pages of our new website and if you are impressed with what you can see we’re positive you won’t find a simpler way to improve your hearing.

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About Us

My experience with hearing aids started when I became a hearing aid user when I was a child and later in life began working for two major hearing aid companies and finally starting my own company 20 years ago. There fore this has given us an advantage of a broad spectrum of audiometric knowledge across many areas of hearing problems as well as hearing protection....

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The Latest Technology

We try to offer you a full range of the latest hearing aid technology for each individual's personal.

As well as those that are hard of hearing, we also supply specialist instruments for a range of noise filtering and amplification applications. Here are a few examples of people who can benefit from those instruments;

  • Motor sport or motor cyclists
  • Musicians
  • Shooting or industrial applications
  • Radio operators or call centres
  • Emergency or armed forces.

Please call us on 01636 892090 if you have a specific need for a specialist instrument or protection that we could help with.


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